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Welcome to MyGenesee, a site designed for the convenience of residents of Genesee County and the surrounding area.
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Batavia Webcam

Batavia Webcam looking East at a section of Ellicott St. in Batavia.

CNN Top News

Cillizza: Two speeches, two different outlooks. What Trump needs to learn is how to get things done

Zelizer: Presidents can learn lessons and succeed

President marks milestone with divisive speech

Gergen: Most divisive presidential speech I've ever heard

Hasan Minhaj's best lines from correspondents' dinner

Best moments from Samantha Bee's 'other' dinner

Biden back in NH as Democrats eye 2020

McCain to allies: Watch what Trump does, not what he says

McMaster backpedals on South Korea

Trump's chief of staff: 'We've looked at' changing libel laws

Comedian: Who tweets at 3 a.m. sober?

Opinion: Trump is right about media bias

US troops patrol Turkey-Syria border

Famed Swiss climber falls to his death

Van Jones: Obama should do 'poverty tour' before paid speeches

Cillizza: Flynn's no good, very bad week

7 killed, dozens hurt in severe storms

See giant twister swirl through Texas

Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to WH

Marijuana leftovers make dog sick

Protesters march against Trump's climate policies

Deshaun Watson buys mom new car

Flight attendant: Boss said I'm fat

China deports US woman it convicted of spying

Opinion: How much did United pay out?

SpaceX delays launch of spy satellite

Report: Hernandez's estate now worth $0

NRA convention feels like family affair

Why are Americans so infatuated with guns?

Trump: '8-year assault' on 2nd Amendment is over

President slams Warren at NRA convention

Trump's strong words for MS-13

Gun to head, cashier icily hands over cash

EPA scrubs climate change info from website

Cillizza: Chuck Schumer's wild prediction

NFL draft shows league still clueless about violence against women

Singer and quarterback welcome baby girl

When the 'Kiss Cam' gets real awkward

Ellen said 2 words ... and changed the world

Emma Watson's late night mix-up

Cartoonists take on Trump's presidency

The female photographers challenging norms

31 amazing travel photos

What Obama told Tom Hanks on yacht

Trump can't stop U.S. jobs from leaving

Why a higher debt ceiling is no license to spend

How to earn $5,000 a year more in retirement

Want to be a millionaire? Do this

Trump's report card: From 'A's to 'F's

Kamau Bell: Why give white supremacist air?

The best thing Trump has done

Penny Pritzker: My immigrant story

Mortgage rates just plummeted. Lock in now!

8 surprising facts about heartburn

2 cards charging 0% interest until 2019

MS-13 is Trump's public enemy No.1, but should it be?

Trump's 100 days in 14 charts

Trump: 'I thought it would be easier'

Diabetes, weight can combine to alter brain, study says

Help people with dementia lead better lives

What that energy drink can do to your body

The controversy around '13 Reasons Why'

What elite athletes can teach us about pregnancy

Geena Davis is the ultimate female protagonist

The real winner of Trump's 100 days: Hollywood

Emma Watson, Tom Hanks do social media right

'Handmaid's Tale' is 'scarily relevant' in Trump era

5 stunning private island retreats

More women nominated for food's top prize

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