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Welcome to MyGenesee, a site designed for the convenience of residents of Genesee County and the surrounding area.
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Batavia Webcam

Batavia Webcam looking East at a section of Ellicott St. in Batavia.

CNN Top News

Waiting for the 'right time' to die

Abbas: Closing holy site means war

Hagel memo criticized Syria strategy

Women sold, enslaved by ISIS

Suze Orman on CEO coming out

Comedian, rap mogul arrested

Who's in control in Burkina Faso?

Mammoth fossil uncovered in Idaho

Director defends catcall video

North Korean officials shot over TV?

Chile's 'Children of Silence' seek truth

Honey Boo Boo's sister blasts mom

Lopez: I've felt abused in the past

High-tech cheating scam exposed

Why Ali's daughter hoped he'd lose

Incredible bball shots win $10,000

'Harry Potter' star's amazing rap

New clue in Amelia Earhart mystery?

'House of Cards' actress dies

Taylor Swift is doing what?

The gray market for iPhones

Epic phone prank stumps customer

Terrifying cliff dive caught on video

Accused cop killer caught after weeks

Man repeatedly mistaken for fugitive

Residents rattled

New image of suspect in custody

Photos: Fugitives on the run

Should girls be 'pink princesses'?

Want women's attention? Try this

Pope pushes back at creationists

Rocket operator hit destruct button

Poland won't arrest wanted filmmaker

4 dead: Plane hits FlightSafety building

LeBron ad you'll be talking about

Maine: No deal with Ebola nurse

Dog Bentley negative for Ebola

Are you arguing over Ebola workers?

Meet Ebola vaccine participant

Cups a clue in family's mystery deaths

What Democrats do on a Saturday night

Battle for Congress hits final stretch

Girl, 8, scolds Senate candidates

The man who could run the Senate

Ferguson chief: I'm not resigning

Tyson: CNN anchor 'full of s**t'

Are black cats really so bad?

Get spooked: Photos aim to terrify

Should girls be 'pink princesses'?

Halloween costumes to avoid this year

Ellsberg: He's a hero

Inside the world of a feminist stripper

This Cowboys fan is about to be attacked

She breaks world record before death

Couple squeezes into 242-sq-ft apartment

First college game will be dying player's last

How do astronauts shower in space?

WWII wreckage raised from lake

The groom-bride fall you must see

No. The customer is NOT always right

18 photos that defy perspective

An introduction to Iranian cooking

Pop star's odd act as wife gives birth

The car that rebuilds itself

Starbucks to baristas: No engagement rings

The week in 34 photos

Chewing the fat on the rubber-chicken circuit

Look who's coming to (a $100) dinner

She says stripping empowers women

'Children of Silence' seek truth

The week in 34 photos

Look at me! 24 selfies of the week

What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos



Plane hits building


Temple Mount

Elizabeth Norment

'Lady Ganga'

The week in 37 photos

Look at me! 17 selfies of the week

What a shot! 35 sports photos

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Missing Children - Have you seen them?

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Roxy's Music

Ramble Music and Arts Fest
Ramble Music and Arts Fest

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