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Welcome to MyGenesee, a site designed for the convenience of residents of Genesee County and the surrounding area.
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Batavia Webcam

Batavia Webcam looking East at a section of Ellicott St. in Batavia.

CNN Top News

Analysis: The President isn't operating with some genius play book, he just wanted attention

Trump dredges up his own past with Franken remark

Tapper goes through Trump accusers one-by-one

The post-Weinstein wave of allegations, in one chart

Opinion: On Franken, Trump shouldn't have gone there

Trump caught on tape making lewd comments in 2005

Kushner denies any campaign WikiLeaks contact

Trump puts decision on hold on importing heads of hunted African elephants

What the Senate tax plan would mean for the middle class

Senators get into shouting match over tax plan

Who is covered by DACA? Teachers, caregivers and more

Fact check: Trump's bizarre plane story

Trump is now paying his legal bills from his own pocket

Submarine missing for 3 days

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist dies at 64

15 men exonerated in one day, and 7 cops taken off the street

Here's what happened to teachers after Wisconsin gutted their unions

Opinion: Do we love our guns more than we love our children?

Robert Mugabe refuses to quit

US tumbles from 1st in ranking of top nations

Ohio judge posts sexual past on Facebook

NFL probes Jameis Winston allegations

War hero was a stranger in his own land

LaVar Ball belittles Trump's role in release of UCLA players

Drake calls out fan for 'touching girls'

Jerry Jones apologizes for racist remark

Shirtless protester gets elected in Charlotte

Serena Williams ties the knot

Ranking the saddest Twitter sports fans

US Navy admits aircrew drew penis in the sky

Cards Against Humanity aims to stop wall

See humanoid robot do a backflip

New NASA tool can tell you which glacier may flood your city

500-year floods could strike NYC every five years, climate study says

Scientists issue dire warning to humanity

Undeniable climate change facts

Trump administration report attributes climate change to 'human activities'

Opinion: Maternal mortality is the shame of US health care

Why childbirth is more dangerous for black women

US birth-related deaths are on the rise

Video game's message: 'Don't touch my hair'

The problem with The Simpsons

This week's eye-popping photos

See 'breathing Earth' timelapse over the past 20 years

Millennials are shaking up these 7 industries

She created a beauty line with a cult following

Tesla to roll out electric semi-truck 'The Beast'

Take a good look at your Facebook friends

Rapper's case shows vengeful aspect of justice system

Exciting breakthrough on pyramids

Bannon's fateful move: Backing Roy Moore

What it would take to convict Manafort

Liberals, don't defend Franken

Mortgage rates just plummeted. Lock in now!

Find a doctor for chronic liver disease

3 cards charging 0% interest until 2019

Senate's $1.5T tax reform bill advances out of committee

Alabama Senate poll: Jones leads Moore

Rep. Dingell says she was groped by 'prominent historical person' in the '80s

DHS' head of community outreach resigns over past remarks on black community, Islam

Giving birth is perilous enough without the hurricane

Three questions for more mindful parenting

The last abortion clinic in Kentucky

Will Hollywood's sexual-misconduct reckoning result in lasting change?

Rapper Lil Peep dead at 21

Jeff Ross uses comedy to tackle immigration

Denzel Washington's 'Roman J. Israel'

'Mudbound' lifts Netflix with look at race divides

A look at one of the Maldives' priciest resorts

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